3 Essential Ingredients that Make a Great Bar & Restaurant

If you are looking for a bar and restaurant that offers tasty food and a cool ambience, you’ve got a lot of options in the Central Coast. There are many things that make a bar & restaurant better than its competition – staff, location, food, drink selection and more. Within these broad headings, you’ll often find that the small things make a big difference.

  1. Service

Welcoming Staff – If you are visiting a bar & restaurant in Terrigal, you want to be greeted by a smiling face. Having friendly staff is vitally important for your business as it sets the tone for the entire visit. Ideally, every guest who walks through the door should be greeted and made to feel welcome.

Table Service – The next point of contact is the waiter/waitress, once again, they must be friendly and engaging. They should notice when glasses are empty and when food is finished. There is nothing more annoying than sitting over an empty dinner plate for 30 minutes or more after you’ve eaten.

  1. Menu

Food – A diverse menu which offers good food is a must. When eating out, you want a wide selection of dishes on the menu and meals which make use of the local produce. The food doesn’t have to be that complicated, but it must taste good.

Drink – When it comes to drink, the selection should be varied. A good bar should have beer on draught, a selection of wines, spirits, and cocktails. They should also have an option for the non-drinker.

  1. Décor

Layout – The layout of the business should be well-thought out and spacious. If the place is beside the sea, they should have large windows that offer a good view of the ocean.

Seating – Nobody is going to stay in a bar that is poorly designed and has uncomfortable seating. Seats should be comfortable and not too low off the ground.

Cleanliness – The furniture should be in good condition and it should be kept clean. The owner should know when the place needs a facelift or when certain items need to be replaced.

This article has pointed out 3 essential things to look for when choosing a bar and restaurant. It must have friendly waiting staff who create a welcoming atmosphere. The must be attentive and engaging. The establishment should offer good food and snacks for patrons who’d like to eat while they enjoy a drink. Lastly, the décor must be presentable and clean.