Consider These Flavorings for Your Baked/Sweetened Treats

There are instances where baking mixes appear too bland with little or no flavor. In some other cases, it may be that you’re out to prepare a homemade baking mix, which means you will need some flavorings. Whatever the case may be, you will never be short of options as you anticipate munching on some flavorsome baked treats. These flavorings can be used in virtually all types of baking mixes – be it muffin mix, cake mix, pancake mix, and so on.

Banana Extract

Banana extracts have been vastly used in giving enticing aroma to different baked goods. It will bring that fruity appeal to any baked good to which it is added. It is possible to impose banana flavor on your sweetened treats by grating or dicing it directly into the mix – this is how banana is usually used in flavoring muffins.

Orange Zest

Want some zesty thrill in your baked good? If yes, adding some orange zest may just do the trick. To zest, first wash your fruit. Next, place your microplane or grater on a plate or cutting board. Then, using the orange, run it up and down the surface, scraping off the yellow skin. Finally, turn the microplane over and clean out the zest on the back side.

The finely grated zest can be added to your batter and will have no untoward effect on the texture of your baked good. You can look forward to munching some sweet, tangy stuff with this flavor. Relatedly, there are occasions where some folks have directly used orange juice to flavor their baked stuff.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is yet another common flavor customarily used when making baked goods. You can easily get this from any grocery store. And, if you feel like having some homemade vanilla extract, you should just get vanilla beans suffused in liquor overnight. You can then go on to add a few drops of your homemade vanilla extract into the batter of whatever pastry treat you’re making.

Strawberry Extract

Strawberry extract is also seen as a notable option for flavoring baked products. Like the ones before it, strawberry brings on a distinctive fruity flavor that would make you desire the treat even more. The good thing about it is that its aroma is well preserved even after the batter must have been subjected to heat.

Chocolate Extract

You can choose chocolate extract for some chocolatey goodness in your baked treat. This can be prepared by making an infusion with cocoa beans soaked in vinegar for a couple of hours. This (chocolate) extract can then be stored in a tightly closed bottle and used when needed. Again, you may decide to directly melt some chocolates into your batter, have it blended in, and then get the batter baked – this is all good too.

Fruit Combo

And, if you want to be more adventurous with your baking, you may choose to have a flavor made from different fruits. You should just select your choice of fruits, dice, or chop everything and probably grate them. This is not a flavor that should be stored for long, so you prepare it as you are about to make the baked treat.