Enjoy the Delicious Taste of Sushi – The Famous Japanese Dish

Most of the people love to eat Japanese cuisine, especially Sushi. It is prepared with raw rice and other ingredients like vegetables, seafood (fish, seaweed, prawns, and more). This dish is popular even outside the country.

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What exactly sushi?

The meaning of sushi is “its sour.” Originally, fermented fish and rice are preserved in little salt for a long time to make sushi. These days, sushi is so simple and easy to prepare and it contains 2 or more varieties of vegetables or fishes.

Also, you can find different varieties of sushi establishments in American sushi restaurants including caterpillar role, rock & roll, spider roll, and others. These varieties are considered as “California style” or “Western style”

How Sushi differs from others like Sashimi?

Many people get confused of these 2 Japanese dishes Sashimi and Sushi. Like Sushi, Sashimi doesn’t have rice but has raw fish. This is the difference between them. Also, Sashimi will have thin small fish slices, which are not frozen.

Different varieties of sushi

Even though, sushi seems to be a simple dish, but you can taste a range of different preparations. Few of them are:

Nigirzushi or nigiri

It is the most popular dish in Japan. During the preparation, rice is placed in a cylindrical form and pressed, then little wasabi and raw fish or egg omelet, or a vegetable and tomato are topped on it. Nigiri means hand press. When eating it, place a nigiri piece in between your index finger and thumb, dip in the sauce, and have it by placing the side of fish downwards.

Makizushi or maki rolls    

Rice in cylindrical form along with other ingredients such as dried seaweed, fish, vegetables and fruits are rolled up in bamboo mat. Once prepared, it will be cut into cylindrical pieces. You can have it in reverse that is rice outside and rolled alga inside, it is called as uramaki.

In addition to the above varieties, you can also find other sushi varieties like hand roll, chirashi, oshizushi, etc. To enjoy the taste of sushi, choose the best Japanese restaurant near you, visit today, and order mouth-watering sushi dishes.