Learn the Best Ways to Pair Your Tequila with Your Choice of Dish

Tequila is not just tacos. You can pair it with various types of foods such as ice cream, pizza, fried chicken to make it more interesting. All you need to do is to find the right food that balances and complements the taste of the dish. Let us see all those ways that you can use to pair your tequila with the dish of your choice.

Beef Tacos and Blanco

Pairing tequila with tacos is a nice way to enjoy it. Traditional beef tacos when mixed with a small-sized tortilla, a piece of beef, onions, tomatillo sauce, and cilantro, are all needed to add a great taste to your tequila dish. A little bit greasing from street tacos with the lime, and salt will make the dish a lot more tempting.

Casa Noble Tequila

To drink tequila with meals, you can pair it with the favorite comfort foods to make it fun Sub in tequila to prepare cocktails that pair with your food.

Pizza with Double-Barrel Reposado

Pair your tequila with a white pizza and cover it in gorgeous cheese. The fruity, tart, nutty, tangy, and creamy flavor of cheese matches beautifully with the single-barrel reposado. You can even try it with a traditional Margherita by pairing the citrus, spicy, and creamy drink with tomato sauce, and basil.

Fried Chicken with Blanco

Another way to enjoy your tequila is to add it with perfect butter fried chicken. Savor it along with spicy Tejano red sauce. The spicy sauce and batter with the greasing of butter and acidity from the addition of vinegar will taste wonderful.

Cheese and Mac with Reposado

Cheese and mac are undoubtedly preferred dishes in the world. By combining the creamy and buttery dish with spicy reposado is the perfect way to relish it. The repo adds a little spiciness to the dish, and put bacon in the cheese, and mac that tastes incredible with the nuttiness of your tequila.

Ice Cream + Anejo

Another delicious way to enjoy your tequila is to pair it with ice cream. Eat it with your double chocolate ice cream. Add some dark chocolate, orange peel and French oak to it to gives it more dimensions to the dish.


To make your tequila more enjoyable, you can pair it with your favorite dishes. Having learned the above choices to pair your tequila, you now have innumerable choices to pair your tequila.