Why Opt for Vietnamese Takeaway for a Healthy Meal

The tiny country of Vietnam is nestled in steamy Southeast Asia but has its beautiful culinary tradition. Vietnamese cuisine is fast becoming famous worldwide due to its healthy food preparations. Though it’s a natural, healthful food, still each dish is an explosion of unique flavors. So, why all food lovers have started opting for Vietnamese takeaway from one of the finest restaurants like Express Lane, Hannah Hanoi is – you feel you have eaten something genuinely extravagant. However, still, you have not consumed too many calories.

Here are a few reasons what makes Vietnamese takeaway the best choice:

  • Healthful cuisine

One of the antibacterial compounds – Cilantro, is virtually in all Vietnamese dishes. This fantastic herb is packed with magnesium and dietary fiber and even has cholesterol-lowering properties. In Vietnamese tradition, another popular and healthful herb is red chili which is generally considered significant for the cardiovascular system and the blood.

Most Vietnamese dishes like Pho are super low in calories and high in numerous healthful nutrients. Every chef often adds their ingredients to sauces, giving them unique, distinctive flavors. A typical Vietnamese sauce recipe combines vinegar or lime juice, chilies, sugar, garlic, and the main ingredient, fish sauce, known as nuoc mam in Vietnam. The latter is a quintessential ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine, and you will find it in most dipping sauces and almost all dishes, except sweets.

  • Amazing flavors

While most Asian cooking often involves lots of flavorful spices and herbs, there are fewer choices in Vietnamese cuisine but unique flavors. The main reason is that herbs are added to enhance the taste of the dish but are an active part of the meal itself. If you speak of a traditional Vietnamese dinner table, it always contains a big salad bowl with several added flavorful herbs like mint, raw rum (coriander), green perilla, and red perilla.

Even if you order a Vietnamese takeaway from Express Lane, it is not just a simple dash of herbs but huge chunks of freshly cut, but never chopped, into every dish, thus giving you a burst of flavor. But remember, it is not just flavor that you would find in Vietnamese cuisine, but you will also find that the other ingredients are chosen for their excellent health-giving properties.

  • The main attraction is not meat.

The good news for vegetarians is that Vietnamese food is low in calories and fat because, in Vietnamese cooking, meat is often used as a condiment rather than the main course. It simply means it can be avoided if you want when placing an order next time.

You can easily customize your meal and thus create or order it to your specific taste. So, nowhere will you find such comparable devotion to aroma and flavor!!!

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